Saturday, 2 March 2013

CND Shellac Nail Art - Tutti Frutti Glitter

So I've FINALLY caught up with the last few manicures of 2012 and I can finally move into this year... Thank God!

To start us of we have Rachel again (last seen here with the Hot Pop Pink diamantés). In keeping with her love of pink, she decided to try out a new colour in the collection, Tutti Frutti, a beautiful opalescent pink that just screamed for something extra. So we added a bit of purple glitter to pick out the shimmer in the base colour.

To recreate this mani just follow these steps:
Apply base coat, cure, then two coats of Tutti Frutti making sure to cure between each. Then mix a glitter paste of Mother of Pearl and Gosh Nail Glitter in Topaz Lavender in a palette. Take some striping tape/foil and mark off the diagonal on each nail. Then use a nail art brush to paint the chosen half of your nail in the glitter mix - make sure you carefully remove the tape/foil before you cure. After curing, add more glitter freehand where needed, then cure again, finally add top coat and cure for one last time.

Voila! Perfect pinky-purple.

Disclaimer - All products used for this manicure were bought myself, for more info about myself and CND Shellac please check out my disclaimer page here. I might not be a professional, but I sure love me some Shellac nail art :)

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