CND Shellac Swatches

CND Shellac Purple Purple - iridescent azure violet
CND Shellac Rosebud - rich delicate pink creme
CND Shellac Hotski to Tchotchke - vibrant iridescent teal
CND Shellac Tropix - vibrant opaque rich coral
CND Shellac Rock Royalt - perfect 'Royal' creme purple
CND Shellac Masquerade - rich, dark metallic burgundy
CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie - pale, silvery, metallic baby pink

CND Shellac Tinsel Toast - gold glitter

CND Shellac Iced Cappuccino - semi-sheer opalescent latte finish
CND Shellac Silver Chrome - soft metallic silver
CND Shellac Wildfire - bright British 'pillar box' red
CND Shellac Fedora - rich opaque, deep, dark plummy brown
CND Shellac Overtly Onyx - a steel, 50 shades of grey shimmer
CND Shellac - a silvery, lilac shimmer


  1. This is super helpful. I really appreciate being able to see the color on the nail since the bottle isn't always _that_ close. Thank you!

    1. Thanks! I'll be adding more to this in the future so keep posted.
      Jem xx

    2. Thanks Toni! It's a firm favourite of mine.
      Jem xx

  2. OH. MY. GOSH.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Shellac manicures! I am a student manicurist and I cannot WAIT to try this at school!! Thank you for your AMAZING picture tutorials!!

    Your new fan!

    P.S. Come see the beginnings of my blog
    It's new and I'm learning how to blog. :0)


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