Friday, 30 December 2011

CND Shellac Nail Art - Glitter Fade Barbie Style!

So off came the Christmas manicure in red and I pondered what to do next. I wanted to go back to Shellac again as it really gives my nails a chance to grow and I'm a terrible 'picker' with normal polish, so gel polishes help me to break this bad habit! I decided to try one of my Gosh Nail Glitters that haven't been used yet (yes, I own all 10, I got stuck deciding in Superdrug and they all just accidently fell into my basket! Oops!). So I opted for a very non-Christmassy lilac, in fact it is 13 Topaz Lavender - why it is '13' I really don't know as there are only 10 colours in the range??!! And the best CND Shellac colour to team with this had to be good old Strawberry Smoothie.

Cue: Barbie style Glitter Fade...

It's so girly! And I love it!

I only had the desk lamp for the photo this evening, so in real life the pale baby pink of the Strawberry Smoothie is more prominent and the glitter is more lilac, but the photo shows a pretty good representation of the final look.

To achieve this look, I did the following:

1) prepped the nails the recommended CND way
2) applied Shellac Base Coat - cured for 10 seconds
3) applied 2 coats of Shellac Strawberry Smoothie - curing for 120 seconds in between each coat
4) mixed a glitter paste using Shellac Zillionaire and Gosh Nail Glitter in Topaz Lavender
5) used a nail art brush to apply the glitter paste in a 'fade' on the lower half of the nails - cured for 120 seconds
6) applied Shellac Top Coat - cured for 120 seconds

and there you have it, nails that would do Barbie proud!

What do you think? Would you try this colour combination? How are you going to wear your nails for NYE 2011?

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