Sunday, 1 January 2012

OPI's Best of the Best Mini Nail Polish Set

Having done so many CND Shellac posts recently, I thought it about time to review a few of the latest regular nail polishes that I have picked up in the last month or were given for my Birthday/Christmas.

First up is the fabulous OPI Best of the Best mini nail polish set that I picked up from the website BuyaPowa. I did a quick swatch of the colours in my sister blog Brush up and Make-up and promised I would review them in a little more detail on here.

I paid £17.50 for the set (RRP £27.50) which is supposed to contain their most popular selling shades. I thought it was a great way to try out OPI polishes; I've never used their colours before but I've heard a lot of good reviews, so I thought this was a fab way to introduce myself to the brand.

The set contains 10 polishes, 3.75ml in each. And I love the names of each colour! Very cute and quirky. All the swatches gave enough coverage in two coats (as pictured) and are without a top or base coat.

Top row L-R are all creme colours:
Alpine Snow - a soft white
Bubble Bath - a soft natural pink
Tickle My France-y - a nude pinky begie
Strawberry Margarita - a soft fuchsia pink
Cajun Shrimp - a bright, almost neon, coral red/pink

Alpine Snow and Bubble Bath will work very well together for a French Manicure design and I think Cajun Shrimp or Strawberry Margarita are great Summer colours for the toes. Not quite sure how I'll wear Tickle My France-y though.
Bottom Row L-R:
Big Apple Red - a bright 'pillar box' type of red creme
I'm Not Really A Waitress - a dark rich metallic red
You Don't Know Jacques - A dark, mushroom-like, grey
Russian Navy - a dark metallic blue
Lincoln Park After Dark - a very dark plum/purple which looks almost black

My favourite of these is Lincoln Park After Dark and I'm also growing very attached to I'm Not Really a Waitress. Not sure if the You Don't Know Jacques is doing it for me really, but it's supposed to be one of their most popular selling shades!

All I need to do know is try some of them out for real. I'll have to wait until I give my Shellac a break!

Which is your favourite OPI colour? Do you own the Best of the Best set too?

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