Saturday, 7 January 2012

CND Shellac Asphalt and Glitter

Just a quick post to show you my latest mani...

I haven't really used my Shellac in Asphalt yet, other than for swatching, so I figured this would be my next colour of choice for my nails. Alone, it's a lovely dark grey creme but I wanted to 'wow' it up a little, so used my Gosh nail glitter in Grey Moonstone over the top. It strikes me as being very 'granite' like.

I applied two coats of the Asphalt and then mixed a little top coat with the Grey Moonstone glitter and applied one coat over the top.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. hi there,

    did you actually mix your normal glitter polish with shellac topcoat then cure for two mins? I love it... Please advise as I have asphalt and need something liek this to sparkle it up?

  2. sorry to be a pain asking all these questions... how and where Do you mix the gosh glitter? Is it with the actual shellac topcoat?Do u use a wee tub to mix the gosh glitter with the shellac topcoat? Is there a lot of wastage doing this? See when u remove tacky layer after curing the glitter topcoat does this not remove glitter too?Was Never sure what the isopropyl alcohol stuff at end of Mani does to give u that high gloss shine.


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