Sunday, 29 January 2012

CND Shellac - French Manicure

Just a quick one to show you a few french manicures that I have done with my Shellac on friends and family.

My sister
A work colleague

My cousin - Nat
When someone asks me if I will do their nails for them, most people ask if I could do a French manicure - I suppose it is just such a classic design that goes with everything.

I have to say I wasn't that great at French Manicures but with practise I have improved. And I would say this to anyone, practise definitely makes perfect (well, near perfect anyway!). I feel I've become quite practised with free hand smile lines, but it does take some effort to make sure that the white isn't too raised as with repeated layers, it can lead to a 'ridge' at the end of the nail.

For these Shellac manicures, I used two coats of Strawberry Smoothie for the base colour and two coats of Studio White for the white tip. One coat of white was not enough as I found the pink seemed to leak through one coat and made it look uneven. And I obviously finished it off with a coat of top coat.

I have a few people ask for glitter, diamanté and stencilling too so I hope to post more about these in the future.

Have you tried French with Shellac yet? What do you think?

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