Sunday, 1 January 2012

Glitter Nails - Nails Inc. Glitterati and POP Confetti Glitz

Earlier today, I posted a Birthday/Christmas present stash post on my sister blog Brush up and Make-up! where I mentioned this Nails Inc. set that I received for my Birthday. So I thought I'd combine it with a new POP beauty nail polish I've got and post about some post-Christmas glitter nails.

Nails Inc. Glitterati Set including Hatton Garden (silver), London Bridge (purple) & Chelsea Embankment (gold)

POP beauty Nail Glam in Confetti Glitz

First up, the Nails Inc. Glitterati set - I'd asked for this amongst many other beauty things, not because I needed it, but because I thought it was the perfect collection of glitters for the festive season. I have lots of metallics, but few glitters in my nail polish collection, and although I could utilise my Gosh Nail Glitters more, I feel that their role belongs purely in Nail Art.

The set consists of three full size glitter polishes, with London themed names, in typical Nails Inc. style. Also included, was a £10 off voucher as pictured above left, for this Spring at selected Nails Inc. counters - as I've never been for a Nails Inc. manicure it is highly likely that this will get used by the end of January!

Secondly, I bought (on a whim) this fabulous glitter polish from POP beauty (top right). I've never bought from this brand before, but I have seen it a few times popping up (excuse the pun!) on beauty blogs and . The shade is called Confetti Glitz and is no longer available on but is available on the POP beauty website RRP £6.50.

The photos to the right, first show one coat, then two coats of each polish (without base or top coat).

The Nails Inc. polishes applied with ease and gave good coverage in two coats, the purple and silver could have had a third, but personally I would be happy with just two. I was most pleased with how the gold one applied,
this was by far the easiest and smoothest application. I                                    Above & below L-R:
also liked that in the purple one, the polish base was blue                    Nails Inc. Chelsea Embankment, 
and not black. I think this makes the purple colour stand                       London Bridge, Hatton Garden
out much more. All would need one coat (maybe two) of                               and POP Confetti Glitz
top coat to smooth out the rough glitter finish.

The POP beauty polish was extremely difficult to apply but I adore the effect it gives. Even after one coat, I had to use the brush to manoeuvre the glitter pieces, which are quite big, around the nail to make sure they were evenly placed. This was also the same for the second coat and then the third. This polish definitely needs three coats and at least two coats of top coat as the surface is very rough once dried. Although it is a nightmare to apply, the final effect of this polish (not shown at its best in the photo unfortunately) is truly amazing. It's not one to do in a hurry, it's much more of a delicate application process to take time over.

In all, I am very pleased with the new additions to my polish collection, I've just got to find the time to wear them all! Here's to hoping that they will all easily remove too... well... who am I kidding! They're going to be a nightmare, but for nails that glam, I can put up with some difficult removal!

Do you own any of these glitter polishes? What is your favourite glitter polish?

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