Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New CND Shellac Colours for Fall 2012!

O....M.....G! Even more Shellac colours for 2012? CND you do spoil us so!

I couldn't believe my ears when my dear sister asked me last night if I had seen the new Shellac Fall colours from CND.....???!!!...... I think was my vague response! Of course, I jumped straight onto google and found the following article from Glamour US.

The new release contains six, sexy, 'Super-dark' colours for fall which are due to be in (US) salons this coming November. So what might they be I hear you scream? Scroll on down and take a peek...

CND Shellac in Faux Fur - chocolate brown cream
CND Shellac in Midnight Swim - dark navy blue shimmer

CND Shellac in Overtly Onyx - steel grey shimmer

CND Shellac in Pretty Poison - deep emerald shimmer

CND Shellac in Sugared Spice - copper metallic

CND Shellac in Vexed Violette - silvery lilac shimmer

So what do you think of CND's Fall offerings? I'm desperate to get my hands on some of these darks, but can't help but feel that they've missed a trick with the pastel trend this year.

As to when they'll be out in the UK? I honestly don't know. I've yet to find any British sites talking about the new release but I'm hoping for November/December. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

 Disclaimer - Photos are not my own, they are courtesy of the Glamour article here which in turn are courtesy of CND.


  1. Replies
    1. I know! Still waiting to hear about a date for the launch now...
      Jem xx

  2. On their website, they have GREAT layering tips that really cover all of the pastels (including the much lusted after Tiffany Blue)! Take a look- it's 4 pages worth of awesome colors created by layering two of the existing shades! Enjoy!


    1. Thanks for the link, I've been using these loads too - it's nice that we can layer with Shellac as their colour collection is limited. But we still lack in the yellow/orange categories in my eyes :(
      Jem xx

  3. I know it's such a hardship for me....... But if I must I will be your practice dummy to test out these colours.

    Ahhhhhh I know..... I'm such a giver! Don't worry about me...... I'll find a way to get myself through it!

    Lots of love from your selfless sister XxXX

    ..............he he!


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