Friday, 23 December 2011

CND Shellac Nail Art - Even more Leopard Print!

Well my friends have gone crazy for my Leopard print mani that I showed you a couple of posts ago. Three friends who asked me to do their nails have all opted for the animal print design and I have become quite a pro at it if I do say so myself! So I thought to do a quick post to show you all the results!

First up, my friend Carys and her sister Philippa both went for the pattern - Carys wanted her toes done and Phil went for her hands. Below is the finished looks:

And then a friend of a friend, Sabrina, went for the same look too for her Christmas holiday in Dubai. She went for matching hands and feet:

I'm already considering how I can tweak the design and use a sliver glitter and Asphalt instead....


  1. This is awesome! how can I get me nail person to do this!!!

    1. Thanks! Well not all nail salons will do this, but some will do it free hand for you or use a stamp/stencil. I learnt the general technique from youtube and tweaked it a bit.


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