Sunday, 18 December 2011

CND Shellac Nail Art - Glitter Fade & Shellac Layering

Well last weekend was time for Nat's fourth CND Shellac manicure and low and behold, the glitter hater wanted more glitter! So a glitter fade was the obvious choice and perfect to make her nails a little more Christmassy!

She chose a blue this time, a result of some clever Shellac layering with Blackpool and Purple Purple. And glitzed it up with a silver glitter fade and some snowy nail art:

For the main Shellac colour I used the 'layering' technique - of applying two different Shellac colours to create a new colour. I used first a coat of Blackpool and then a coat of the Purple Purple, from their 6 new 2011 colours, curing for 120 seconds between each coat. The result was a purple toned blue, that looks a bit more Royal blue in photos (as above and below).

For the nail art I did a simple glitter fade with a glitter paste of Shellac Zillionaire and Gosh Nail Glitter in 01 Silver. And on the accent nail, I used my Orly dotter tool, at the smaller end, to dot some 'snow' onto the nail in Shellac Studio White.

Above photo - the base colour formed from 'layering'
Right photo - the finished result

Nat loves them! Another glittery idea for your nails, perfect for Christmas!

I want to experiment a little more with Shellac layering and I hope to do a post with some of the colour combinations, in the future, but I still need to invest in a few more basic colours, like Fedora and Tutti Frutti first... when the budget allows of course!

What do you think? Have you tried a Shellac layering before? What colour combinations have you tried?

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