Sunday, 18 December 2011

CND Shellac Nail Art - More Leopard Print

It's been about a fortnight since my last post and wow has it been a hectic end to the first school term this year! I am so looking forward to the (well deserved, if I do say so myself!) Christmas break and have now got some time to catch up on my blogging.

I took a leaf out of my cousin Nat's book and decided to go for a leopard print mani, on myself, last week. I was pretty chuffed with my efforts for her design, from my last post, and was keen to tweak it a little and make it a little more refined.

So I went for a purely gold base this time and jet black detail for the animal print, and here is my final result:

I managed to impress myself somewhat with my ability to complete the pattern, almost identically, on both hands - this picture is of my right hand and I am right handed!

The main difference with this leopard print design, in comparison to my last post, is that I used Nat's accent nail for  inspiration and changed the base coat slightly.

For the base/background colour I mixed up a glitter paste using Shellac Zillionaire and some Gosh Gold Nail Glitter and applied two coats, curing each for 120 seconds. I then painted on the print in Shellac Blackpool, curing for 120 seconds. Obviously I started and finished the manicure accordingly for Shellac.

This base gives a very glitzy effect than when I mixed the glitter with Iced coral - which I thought was a more muted look. I particularly like the odd rainbow glimmer from the Zillionaire which shows up on this one. I also decided to take the print a bit smaller too, to add to the detailed look of the nails.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the swirly pattern on my little finger is Henna. My beautiful colleague Safinah was showcasing her Henna talents on the last day of term and I offered my hand as a canvas for her to do with what she wished. I am very pleased with the result! Safinah is a very clever lady!

What do you think? Which animal prints do you prefer to wear on your nails?


  1. why did u do a glitter paste not a rock star? x

    1. Thanks for your comment Natalie - I do it with a paste because rockstar can get a bit messy - and I'm too lazy to clean up all the glitter :)
      Jem xx


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