Sunday, 4 December 2011

CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie

So it's catch up time on some of my CND Shellac creations from basic to full on nail art.

As mentioned in the disclaimer (at the bottom of the page) sometimes friends or family ask me to do their nails. And no exception is my cousin Nat, who is just a little obsessed with Shellac now thanks to moi.

Over the last month, she's had three manicures from me, one plain, one glitter and one leopard print - I'll post the latter two later today. 

So here is her Strawberry Smoothie Shellac manicure...

I was pleased to find that I could do a typical plain Shellac manicure on someone else in around an hour. She wanted something quite natural and Strawberry Smoothie is a soft subtle pink with a slight silvery shimmer to it. It's also great for teaming with white tips for a french manicure - I'll post one of these soon too.

I was also pleased to see that it was much better quality than the Strawberry Smoothie manicure I received from a salon! No lumps/bumps or streaks!

Do you like the colour?

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