Sunday, 24 February 2013

CND Shellac Nail Art - Blackpool Glitter Edge

Oops! Only a couple of months late but this is Fung-ling's NYE manicure... remember her from her mermaid glitter fade and WAH basketcase manicures?

Well for NYE she wanted something fairly glittery and of course, a little different. So she went for simple chic  Blackpool with a glitter mix around the cuticle edge. I painted the two coats of black first before adding the glitter and to help make the line nice and smooth, I used some of those French manicure tip guide stickers. Just make sure you press them down really well or be prepared for a little leakage!

To create the silver glitter mix I used CND Shellac Mother of Pearl and mixed in some Gosh Nail Glitter in Silver and the CND Additive in Sparkling Silver from the Christmas 2012 Twinkle Collection. I placed the tip guides in reverse on the nail before painting on the glitter edges and made sure I removed the sticker before curing. If there was any slight leak under the sticker, I cleared this up with a brush dipped in acetone, but as long as the sticker was stuck well, the line stayed fairly crisp. I had to add a second glitter coat in places so that the black didn't come through, but this wasn't too difficult to do freehand.

Seal it all with top coat and voila! What do you think?

Disclaimer - All products used for this manicure were bought myself, for more info about myself and CND Shellac please check out my disclaimer page here. I might not be a professional, but I sure love me some Shellac nail art :)

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