Wednesday, 4 December 2013

CND Shellac Open Road Collection Spring 2014

So I've yet to even purchase the four Intimates or the limited edition Christmas Charmed colours, and the Spring 2014 collection is already hitting the shelves.... today in fact if you're in the UK!

From left to right we have:

Clay Canyon - a nude-beige clay colour
Desert Poppy - cream orange coral with a hint of shimmer
Mint Convertible - pale 'mint choc chip' pastel green
Powder My Nose - a new nude, the perfect foundation colour
Sage Scarf - a neutral sage green
Sun Bleached - a heavenly pale pastel yellow
Photo courtesy of the SweetSquared facebook page here
And can I just say, Hallelujah!! A yellow... finally! Most people seem excited about the yellow and the coral/orange but many have criticised the launch of more greens. Even though I agree we're on a bit of a green overload at the minute, I actually don't mind too much as the Shellac range definitely lacks in this area.

And to tempt us even more, CND are launching another additives set to go with this collection.

The set consists of one glitter - Denim Geode - and four pigment effects - Emerald Mirage, Amethyst Flash, Copper Mine, and Desert Chameleon. I cannot wait to get my hands on that last one, it looks like it might leave a duo-chrome-like finish... oh the possibilities!!

I think the purse strings are going to get a little stretched before I see out 2013...
Disclaimer - Photos are not my own, they are courtesy of CND and the SweetSquared facebook page here


  1. Ekk!! I have ordered a few of the intimate collection colours but they are at home so I can't actually use them yet ha! Too early to think of all these bright colours ha xxx

    1. I know Kathryn! It seems that we are spoilt for choice this year from CND :)
      Jem x

  2. I love the mint green! Need a bit of that! xx


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