Saturday, 16 November 2013

CND Vinylux Review

As you are more than aware, my Shellac obsession has been strong for the last two years. I have yet to convert my sister though who finds herself bored with a manicure after a few days, a week at most. So when CND Vinylux was launched, she jumped on the bandwagon and of course I had to give it a go to see if 7-day wear really was as true as it claimed.

CND Vinylux is a nail polish colour and top coat system that:
  • is 5-free
  • requires no base coat
  • does not stain the nail
  • lasts for 7 days - thanks to the top coat that gets stronger the more it is exposed to UV light
  • dries in 8½ minutes - really!!
I have to admit, the dry time was the biggest selling point for me, but I also really wanted to see how it compared to Shellac in longevity. I obviously knew that it would not be as hardwearing and I honestly thought that there was no way it would last 4 days on me, let alone 7, without any chipping.

So I borrowed one of my sister's colours - this is Lavishly Loved, a neutral sheer pink/cream - to test it out. I wore two coats of Lavishly Loved followed by the Vinylux Top Coat, and it really does dry in 8½ minutes! I set about my normal working week to see how it fared...

Initial application
After 7 days
After 7 days - close up
As you can see, it was still there after 7 days - yes I had tip wear and the glossy shine had dulled but no chips or breakages at all. I actually couldn't believe it, school is the hardest thing on my nails, so I always wear Shellac for the day job or I'd end up with constant breaks and nubs for most of the time.

I am really impressed with the Vinylux system and kudos to CND for such a revolutionary product! As much as I love the Vinylux system (and glorious colour range) though I will be sticking with my good old Shellac for the time being. I am too lazy to change my nail colour on weekly basis and after being used to applying a gel-polish to my nails for so long, normal nail polish is a little tricky! My sister however is totally converted and her colour collection is expanding on an almost daily basis at times.

Have you tried out the Vinylux range from CND?

Discliamer - This was my sister's product that I 'borrowed' for review... possibly without her knowledge :) but what's hers is mine and so on... this review is 100% honest and not sponsored or influenced by any other party.


  1. Love the colour, but what does 5 free mean???

    1. '5 Free' means free from the 5 main toxins: Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.


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