Wednesday, 30 October 2013

CND Shellac Nail Art - Halloween Mix'n'Match

Good old Gemma. I can always rely on her to test my nail art capabilities! Her penguin mani from last Christmas is still one of my favourite designs to create (here) so of course this Halloween she went all themed out, with some glitter too of course!

As a base colour I used Asphalt and then I added a dark grey glitter paste to her middle and little finger (made up of Silver VIP Status, Gosh 03 Grey Moonstone and Gosh 01 Silver Nail Glitters). After curing, I painted the cobwebs and spider with Cream Puff and two little Blackpool dots for the spider's eyes.

The little pumpkin (my favourite I think!) was made up of two different glitter pastes. The green stalk was Silver VIP Status and Gosh 08 Emerald Green (not available in the UK) and the pumpkin was Silver VIP Status and Gosh 04 Fire Opal (also not available in the UK). I used a very small dotting tool to create the curved vertical lines down the pumpkin before I cured the glitter, then after curing used some Blackpool to add the eyes and mouth.

On her thumb, she simply had the orange glitter paste used for the pumpkin.

Most Gosh Nail Glitters are available from Superdrug in the UK for £4.99 (only the 02 Gold is online, the other colours are all in store). Although two of the colours here I had to purchase from the states as they never released them here.

Disclaimer - I purchased all the products used for this manicure myself, and if you want more info about myself and CND Shellac then check out my disclaimer page here. What's not to like about nail art that actually lasts?!

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