Monday, 30 December 2013

CND Shellac Christmas Nail Art - #8 Rudolph and Gingerbread Men

It seems that Ruby Ritz well and truly made a comeback this season. With its re-release as part of a duo with Wildfire it was a natural choice for many to get that glitzy Christmas manicure - including myself!

Natalie took one look at my manicure and decided that was the colour for her, but she one step further and challenged me to some appropriately festive characters...

These two, adorable, designs were inspired by a couple of google images that Natalie had found. After a bit more research, I found the sweet little gingerbread man stitched to this cute cushion from Miss Shelley Designs at

Gingerbread Man Cushion from £25
And Rudolph is actually a tutorial from the talented Joya's tumblr page (aka Blanket Print Nails). You can see here full post here.

tutorial by Joya at
To recreate this manicure in CND Shellac I used:

Red nails - one coat of Red Baroness followed by one coat of Ruby Ritz
White base colour for the characters - two coats of Studio White followed by one coat of Silver VIP Status
(the light brown used for the gingerbread man and Rudolph is made from a mixture of Faux Fur and Cocoa)
Gingerbread man - two coats of the light brown mixture in the shape of the gingerbread man, then use a dotting tool to add eyes in Faux Fur and buttons in Cream Puff, then the bow tie is one like the red base colour on the other nails (Red Baroness and Ruby Ritz)
Rudolph - follow the tutorial above (making sure to cure between each colour application) using the light brown mix for Rudolph, Faux Fur for the antlers, Cream Puff and Blackpool for the eyes, Red Baroness and Ruby Ritz for the nose.

All nails were finished with a layer of top coat and voila! What do you think? I can't decide if Rudolph or the Gingerbread man is my favourite...

Disclaimer - I purchased all the products used for this manicure myself, and if you want more info about myself and CND Shellac then check out my disclaimer page here. What's not to like about nail art that actually lasts?!

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