Saturday, 7 April 2012

Viva La Nails Nail Art - Water Decals

Wow! I have a serious backlog of nail posts to do! So I guess I better get started before I run out of Easter holidays to do them in...

First up, I wanted to show you some recent manicures of mine, courtesy of a company called Viva La Nails. I received some samples from them around a month or so ago and decided to try them out - if you also have a blog/website/you tube channel dedicated to nails then check out this free sample pack that they offer for review, worth £12 (£2.95 P&P charge does apply though):

Viva La Nails sample pack - get yours here
Viva La Nails Water Decals COL03 and COL17
CND Shellac Beau and Water Decals COL03

CND Shellac Cream Puff and Water Decals COL17
In the sample pack I received three sets of nail stickers (look out for a post on them soon) and three sets of Water Decals - or as I prefer to call them, nail tattoos! I decided to try out two of the water decals, over a simple Shellac manicure to see how they fared and I was extremely pleased with the result.

The above two pictures show both of the designs (which I sported whilst my nails were going through a particularly short period). The first was the daisy like pattern over Shellac Beau and the following week I tried the second, the purple pansy pattern over Shellac Cream Puff.

The tattoos themselves were really easy to apply - much like the temporary tattoos you wore as a kid! I found the following steps the easiest way to apply them:

1) Cut out the individual design for each nail keeping the plastic sheet over each as you do so (bear in mind that as you look at the pack of patterns that is how they will look on the nails - not reversed or anything)
2) Turn over each design (so the plastic sheet is now underneath) and wet the back with a piece of damp cotton wool
3) Apply a little pressure then slide the wet backing paper off the design - the pattern should now be on the plastic sheet
4) Take the plastic sheet and hover over the nail you wish to place the design on, when you are happy press down on the nail and then carefully peel back the plastic sheet
5) Gently press down over the design with a fingertip to ensure it is all stuck flat
6) Seal your design with topcoat and Voila!

These lasted really well, didn't come off (until I took off my Shellac) or fade or chip and I am already eyeing up buying me some more - I really like BW05 and COL25.

If you want to get yourself some nail tattoos then check out all of the designs at Viva La Nails and take advantage of their 20% off Easter Sale!

To get 20% off ALL nail products at Viva La Nails use the coupon code EASTER20 at the checkout but hurry as this promotion is only valid until midnight on Monday 9th April!

Disclaimer - this post is sponsored by and the products in this review were given to me free for my consideration. My reviews are 100% honest and I assure you that I really do love these quirky nail art designs. I, of course, welcome any more freebies to decorate my nails with... Failing that I hope to be purchasing some myself in the future :)


  1. what is the process to add nail wrap stickers over the entire nail when you do shellac nails? Do you press them on after the base coat and then seal with a top coat?
    LOVE your designs!

    1. Hi Shan,

      I don't use nail wrap sticker with Shellac, these are just some small flower design nail tattoos over Shellac. Read above fpr how I applied them.

      Jem xx


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