Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Orly - Ancient Jade

Another quick one today, in fact, one I forgot to post a little while ago. I wanted to show you the swatch of the mini Orly polish in Ancient Jade, that I got in the very first SheSaidBeauty Box back in March - I reviewed it here on Brush Up and Make-up! 

This is a gorgeous creme in the perfect jade green colour but was extremely disappointing in application. I don't own any similar colours to this, so was eager to try this out straight away. But I found the formula very gloopy and difficult to apply thinly or without brush stroke marks. I gave it a good shake and tried again a few weeks later in the hope that something may have changed, but alas no, it was still awful to apply. In fact the first coat was the easiest, the second seemed to go on even thicker, but to make this shade truly opaque it really does need two coats. So I had to make do with gloopiness. It was made somewhat better by adding my Jessica Brilliance top coat, but I can see that it still doesn't look entirely smooth close up.

I have found this problem before with other mini nail polishes (maybe it's because they're smaller in size??) so it hasn't put me off Orly all together and I will certainly want to try some of their other polishes in the future.

Orly mini nail polishes (5.3ml) are available from Boots for £5.00 (although I can't see this exact shade listed)

Disclaimer - I have subscribed to the SheSaidBeuaty Box service out of my own choice and money and am not compensated in any way for this review.... but if you want to sign up to SheSaidBeauty and you use my referral link then I can get a free box. Well, who doesn't want a free beauty box??!

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