Sunday, 8 April 2012

Viva La Nails Nail Art - Stickers

Following my last post on the Viva La Nails Water Decals (or nail tattoos to you and I) I thought I'd show you some other manicures I've done but this time with their stickers. As I mentioned in my last post I received some samples from a company called Viva La Nails around a month or so ago and decided to try them out - if you also have a blog/website/you tube channel dedicated to nails then check out this free sample pack that they offer for review, worth £12 (£2.95 P&P charge does apply though):

Viva La Nails sample pack - get yours here
Rhinestone Stickers WS02
Heart Stickers (no longer available)

CND Shellac Hot Pop Pink with Heart Stickers

CND Shellac Beau and Cream Puff with Flower stickers WS02
In the sample pack I received three sets of nail stickers and three sets of Water Decals (see previous post here). Having already tried the tattoos out on myself, I had a couple of friends who wanted to try the stickers. So let me introduce you to Stacey and Rachel....

Stacey (I'm convinced) is actually addicted to Shellac manicures! Ever since I did her first one a few months back, she's been regularly asking for more, so of course I obliged with the cute heart stickers that paired perfectly with my new Shellac shade Hot Pop Pink. To apply, I did the full Shellac manicure as always, but just after curing the second coat of colour, I put on the stickers and some extra diamantés, and then applied the top coat. These look gorgeous on, but the stickers started to lift as the top coat were curing, so didn't leave a smooth finish and I had to apply two coats to try and stop the stickers from catching and lifting more. It hasn't put me off trying more stickers though - what I think I will do next time is use a little nail glue to make sure they are well and truly stuck flat. 

Secondly, Rachel wanted to treat herself to a second Shellac mani after she loved her first one so much. So for her Birthday treat she went for something a little more classic and opted for my new Shellac shades of Beau and Cream Puff as a french manicure and then added a little diamanté sticker to each ring finger. I applied these in the same way as Stacey's and actually had no trouble with them lifting this time. The WS02 stickers are perfect for adding a little elegance, especially to a french manicure, and as Rachel said herself, it would make a perfect bridal manicure.

If you want to get yourself some nail stickers then check out all of the designs at Viva La Nails and take advantage of their 20% off Easter Sale!

To get 20% off ALL nail products at Viva La Nails use the coupon code 
at the checkout but hurry as this promotion is only valid until midnight on Monday 9th April!

Disclaimer - this post is sponsored by and the products in this review were given to me free for my consideration. My reviews are 100% honest and I assure you that I really do love these quirky nail art designs. I, of course, welcome any more freebies to decorate my nails with... Failing that I hope to be purchasing some myself in the future :)

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