Friday, 26 July 2013

CND Shellac Nail Art - Strawberry Roses

Happy Summer Holidays people! Now that school's out for the Summer I can get on with showing you some of the more recent nail art adventures I've been on. If you follow my instagram (@brushupmakeup) you may have spotted this manicure a couple of weeks back. This is Becca and she likes to challenge me on the odd occasion....

Becca picked out a design she's seen from the lovely chorubim on instagram (@chorubim) - a very talented nail artist and swatcher who has the neatest set of talons I have ever seen! The original design that inspired me was this one (link):

chorubim used Zoya Neely, OPI MVIB and Wet'n'Wild Tickled Pink for this design
(photo courtesy of @chorubim on instagram)
Becca wanted to change it up slightly and add a little bit of floral, so we swapped a couple of the designs onto different fingers and added a rose pattern too.

The colours we used were all CND Shellac:
white - Cream Puff or Studio White
pink - Gotcha
pale green (base) - mixture of Limeade and Cream Puff
darker green (rose leave, strawberry stems) - Limeade

The floral design was done in Gotcha over the Limeade/Cream Puff base mix and I used Limeade to add little green leaves.

The polka dots were done in Cream Puff over the Limeade/Cream Puff base mix.

The large strawberry was painted over a Studio White base using the Limeade/Cream Puff mix and Gotcha with Cream Puff for the seed detail . And the small strawberries were the same, but I used Limeade for the stalk to make them more defined.

And there you have it, super summery strawberry nails :)

Disclaimer - All products used for this manicure were bought myself, for more info about myself and CND Shellac please check out my disclaimer page here. Once you Shellac you never go back!

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