Sunday, 7 July 2013

CND Shellac French Manicure Favourites

CND Shellac Beau and Cream Puff
CND Shellac Negligee and Studio White
CND Shellac Grapefruit Sparkle and Cream Puff
If you've seen this post from a couple of months ago then you will have read about the most popular 'barely there' shades in my CND Shellac collection. I just wanted to share with you all how these transfer to (probably) the most asked for manicure that I get these days - the good old French.

A lot of my clients like the neatly manicured look that a French manicure provides, with it's neutral-ness that seems to allow it to work with almost any outfit or look, meaning that some opt for it time and time again. It's rapidly become the sort of design that I often claim I could 'do with my eyes closed'.... well not quite, but you get the picture!

Out of the various possibilities for colours, there are only a few combinations that I find myself using on most manicures. In order of popularity they are as follows:

1 - Base: 1 coat of Negligee or Beau, White tip: 2 coats of Cream Puff (1st picture)

2 - Base: 1 coat of Negligee, White tip: 2 coats of Studio White (2nd picture)

3 - Base: 1 coat of Grapefruit Sparkle, White tip: 2 coats of Cream Puff (3rd picture)

Clients tend to opt for the block white tip with Cream Puff but some, like myself, prefer a subtler white and go for Studio White instead. On odd occasions I have used Romantique but this gives a very very subtle tip which means you don't end up with an obvious French manicure look, so not many people ask for that one.

As to why I use 2 coats for the white tip? Well it's very rare that one is enough to give a smooth finish and not look patchy. But I do have to be careful as it's easy to get a bumpy ridge at the end of the nail if you apply the white in thick coats. Two thin coats work best and is the method I use every time now.

In terms of the base colours, if you read my previous post, then I've talked about which are most popular and why.

I don't often give myself a French manicure, it takes too bloody long for starters and it's just a little too 90's for me if I'm honest. I'd much rather a block colour - simple and chic. But if I do opt for it, I go for option no.2 above and as modelled by my lovely self below....

CND Shellac Negligee and Studio White
What colours do you prefer for your French manicure?
Disclaimer - All products used for this manicure were bought myself, for more info about myself and CND Shellac please check out my disclaimer page here. Once you Shellac you never go back!

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