Sunday, 19 May 2013

CND Shellac Naturally Nude Nails

There are three colours that I find most people tend to opt for when it comes to Shellac. Often paired with a white for a French manicure, or simply alone if they want something classic and chic but not too obvious. All three are great for anyone with short nails, as a block colour can draw attention to the fact that they are short. The Shellac will also give them strength to allow them to grow and helps to avoid the temptation to nibble for any biters wanting to grow out their little nubs.

Apart from the white shades I use for the French tip, these three subtle pinks are my most repurchased bottles. Let's take a closer look at Beau, Negligee and Grapefruit Sparkle...

CND Shellac Beau

CND Shellac Negligee

CND Shellac Grapefruit Sparkle
Beau - sheer peachy-pink with a hint of opalescence
Negligee - sheer opalescent baby pink
Grapefruit Sparkle - pale sheer soft pink with added silver glitter

When using the colours for a French manicure I tend to only use one coat, two often makes the base too 'pink' otherwise. Negligee is probably the only one I could use two coats of though if someone needs their base to smooth out any imperfections on the nail bed.

Out of the three, Beau tends to give the 'pinkest' look overall and has an obvious opalescent shimmer to it. Negligee is a great 'healthy' looking pink that has very little, if any, opalescent finish to it. If you look very carefully you can just pick out the shimmer in real life, but out of the two, Beau is much more opalescent than Negligee. And finally Grapefruit sparkle is quite pink like Beau, but with an added element of ultra-fine silver glitter.

The only one I haven't included here is Clearly Pink, mainly because no one ever asks for it. It is exactly like a clear coat but with a teeny hint of pink and when on the nails it looks as if it isn't there. Most people tend to prefer a slight hint of colour and those wanting a super subtle French mani even then still opt for Negligee.

Which one do you prefer?

Disclaimer - All products used for this manicure were bought myself, for more info about myself and CND Shellac please check out my disclaimer page here. Once you Shellac you never go back!

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  1. I like Grapefruit Sparkle the best out of those three.


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