Saturday, 12 May 2012

CND Shellac - Hotski to Tchotchke, Purple Purple & Glitter Fade

First post of two today as CND Shellac's Hotski to Tchotchke seems to be flavour of the weekend!
OK, well not quite just this weekend as the above manicure is from around a month or so ago, I just forgot to post it!

I introduce you to my gorgeous friend Becca, she's a new mum and really fancied a treat so I offered to do her nails for her on one evening away from the bubba. She loved a swatch I had of Hotski with some glitter fade so we went for a similar look with a twist on her ring finger...

As you can see above, I applied two coats of Hotski to Tchotchke to every nail, except the ring finger, where I applied two coats of Purple Purple instead. I then made up two glitter pastes with my Gosh Nail Glitters in Amethyst Purple and Turquoise. I painted a the purple glitter paste in a fade on all the Hotski nails and then on the ring finger, painted the turquoise glitter paste in a fade. I sealed it all in with top coat and voila!

Stay tuned for some more Hotski nail art coming up later...
Disclaimer - All products used for this manicure were bought myself, for more info about myself and CND Shellac please check out my disclaimer page here. I might not be a professional, but I sure love me some Shellac nail art :)


  1. Gorgeous. Love the color combination.

    1. It's lovely isn't it. Always gets so many comments!
      Jem xx


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