Sunday, 9 December 2012

New CND Shellac Colours for Spring 2013!

STOP PRESS!! I have one simple word for you, that will shock, amaze and excite you all at once....


Yep, you read correct, pastel. More specifically CND have decided to launch 5 new Shellac colours in Spring 2013 and they are all pastel shades! Hallelujah!

Don't believe me? Check out their press release here, but if you can't wait for the link to load, check out the Sweet Dreams Collection of pretty pastels below:

CND Shellac Grapefruit Sparkle
CND Shellac Cake Pop

CND Shellac Lilac Longing

CND Shellac Azure Wish
CND Shellac Limeade

I would like to choose my favourite but I know full well that following their release in March 2013, I will be adding all 5 to my shopping basket.

So what do you think of CND's Spring offerings? This Sweet Dreams collection has to be the most exciting CND Shellac launch for me yet! Eeek, I can't wait!

 Disclaimer - Photos are not my own, they are courtesy of the CND Press Release here.

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